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Body Worn Camera & Criminal Justice Consultant

Dr. Jennifer Matthews is a driving force behind digital transformations to solve cases quicker with body worn cameras.

Body Worn Cameras create a safer world, help victims fight for justice, and protect the lives of the innocent.

Her significant achievements are:

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workforce reduction
Responsible for implementing and overseeing $1M BWC program to manage nine crime surveillance analysts to support compliance and a 20% workforce reduction.
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Sworn staff members
Successfully implemented and directed analytics of $4M BWC program for 750+ sworn staff members. Improved staff engagement and performance management process.
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officers and staff

BWC programs utilized throughout two major Chicago organizations as a best practice model for 3,000+ officers and staff.


Introduction to Body Worn Cameras

Analyzing Law, Policy, and Process for Beginners. Implementing a Body Worn Camera (BWC) Program is a difficult endeavor. Many agencies are being rushed into implementing programs, which means quality training is frequently sacrificed.

Course Description:

This course teaches how to properly collect digital data from Body Worn Cameras step-by-step for beginners. It provides participants with the understanding of how to confront, collect, and control data used from Body Worn Cameras for a legal process.


  • About Body Worn Cameras
  • The Privacy Balancing Act
  • Public Records Release
  • BWC Policy Considerations

Criminal Justice for Beginners

The History and Structure of the American Criminal Justice System

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the American criminal justice system with a view of its historical and institutional context.  The course is intended as a starting point for students entering into the subject for the first time.  It includes the history, principles, and structure to give students an understanding of how the criminal justice system works.


  • The Criminal Justice Foundation
  • 3 Core Policing Ideas
  • Jim Crow Origin
  • The Criminal Justice Process in 14 Steps
  • The 4 Goals of the Criminal Justice System

Body Worn Camera Review

Many law enforcement agencies are in full stride with body-worn camera programs, but some are experiencing major challenges.

BWC program audits have shown significant levels of noncompliance with basic policies for when and how BWCs are used. In some cases, audits have shown videos were not available because officers did not follow the BWC usage policy.

Watch the BWC Reviews for a walk through of how body-worn cameras are used.

Video Enhancement & Redaction

Video Enhancement

Elevate the impact of your evidence in the courtroom and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Video Redaction

Pixelate or strategically highlight objects, individuals, or crucial events, ensuring the facts you present stand out.


Gold Standard
Photo and Video Enhancement

We use state of the art Topaz Iris Artificial Intelligence software to sharpen, remove visual noise and enhance the resolution of your photo and video evidence. 

What does that mean for you?
Dr Jennifer can take a low resolution files and use advance AI face recovery techniques to create high resolution facial reconstructions from pixelated or blurry images or video. 

It’s very close (finally) to the trope in cinema of the magic “enhance” button in spy dramas.

Fraudulent Media Manipulation Detection

Video and photo manipulation is a type of media manipulation that uses processing and editing techniques aiming to deceive the viewer. When seeing isn’t believing we check for deceptive editing by omission or splicing. If you suspect media evidence has been maliciously transformed through doctoring or fabrication then you should get in touch with us. 


Your organization will learn how to build and close cases faster with Dr. Jennifer Matthews.



Equip your organization with insights to help them better understand the communities they serve.


Give your team the training needed for critical thinking, analytical skills, and de-escalation skills.


Enable officers to accelerate and maintain their competence with relevant training and resources.


Provide officers with tools to identify, address, and cope with the psychological impact of public safety.

Body Worn Cameras: What happens when you push the button?

Learn what to expect from BWC. Your team will learn how to properly wear, access, extract, and collect digital data from body worn cameras step-by-step.

How to Protect the Innocent with Digital Evidence

Digital evidence can be found in the form of emails, internet history, and documents related to investigations. Your team must know how to acquire, analyze, and report on legally admissible digital evidence to protect an organization. Your team will learn how to collect and control data to streamline workflow for managing evidence.

A Digital Blueprint of Success: How to Make Communities Safer with Body Worn Cameras

Explore critical steps to disrupt criminal activity. Your team can expect to learn the best practices for using digital intelligence to collect and analyze data from body worn cameras, cellphones, and other devices to stop criminal activity while increasing officer and public safety.

Published Dissertation:

Body-Worn Camera Use and Citizen Behavior During Police-Citizen Encounters
Walden University, College of Psychology and Community Services


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DBEs are for-profit small business concerns where socially and economically disadvantaged individuals own at least a 51% interest and also control management and daily business operations.



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